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As the COVID-19 situation unfolds rapidly and uncertainty becomes part of the new norm, we at Himalayan Coffee Importers have made a simple decision - give the gift of 20 bags of coffee a week over the next four weeks to those that could use it most right now - our healthcare workers. On top of her full-time work as a mom and a business owner, our leader at Himalayan Coffee Importers is also a nurse on the frontlines of this situation, bringing the current crisis so close to home. Community is at the core of everything we do, and our coffee giveaway is about supporting a community so close in our hearts - the family of nurses and doctors of which one of our own is a member. 

On a daily basis, we strive to be a sustainable, responsible, and inclusive company through our practices at home and abroad. It doesn’t matter if we are supporting U.S. veterans through purchase proceeds or moving the needle on gender equal pay by ethically sourcing from our farm in Nepal, our coffee is always mission-driven. With great challenge comes great opportunity, and these challenging times demonstrate why we work to support all those who have helped to make our dreams come true. Whether it be now or in the future, Himalayan Coffee Importers will be here to support you by doing what we do best - strengthening community through coffee.

Interested in nominating a healthcare worker for our coffee bag giveaway?

Check out Himalayan Coffee Importer’s Instagram (@himalayancoffees) or Facebook pages for more details.

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