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Dalgona coffee. It’s the latest coffee craze that has gone viral as quarantiners everywhere are running through their Netflix library and looking for some fun ways to pass the time. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry.

By the end of this article we’ll have you whipping up your own coffee cream concoction to show off at your next Zoom happy hour.

Short and sweet, Dalgona is a whipped coffee drink, served with either hot or cold milk (all alternatives work great - in our iteration we used Almond), and it requires only three ingredients.

What is Dalgona coffee?

To make this creamy coffee drink, you’re going to need...

 - 2 tbsp of sugar (we used brown sugar for its coloration but any option will work)

- 2 tbsp of hot water

- 2 tbsp of instant coffee or strongly brewed drip coffee / espresso (don’t worry, we’ll show you both ways)

- A metal whisker (mixer is ideal but if you don’t have one no problem).

-Your favorite milk to pour your coffee froth on top.

So grab your supplies and let’s get started!

Step 1: Get your ingredients in the mixing bowl and start whisking:

If you chose to go with instant coffee, combine 2 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp instant coffee, and 2 tbsp of hot water in your mixing bowl, and start whisking.

If you’re using brewed coffee, leave out the hot water and brew your coffee with 3 ½ tbsp of ground coffee and 1 ½ cup of water to get a strong, espresso like coffee base, and repeat the same mixing steps.

After about 7 - 10 minutes of mixing (keep in mind we did it by hand so your time will vary) you’ll notice the mix becoming lighter and taking on a creamier texture - you can whisk to your preferred thickness. We also found adding a little bit of coffee grounds or sugar as you go can help with texture as well.

Step 2: Prep your milk and pour with style

Dalgona coffee can be served on either cold or hot milk, so if you have a milk frother or steamer and you’re looking for the latte feel, give it a go! Because Himalayan Coffee Importers is based in Colorado where there is no shortage of sunshine in the spring, we went for Dalgona on ice.

Simply grab your creamy coffee froth, spoon it out or pour it on top, and enjoy!

A final word and some quick tips:

Both versions we made came out tasty (and with a strong kick of caffeine to boot) however the espresso-based version will take more whisking time (10 - 20 minutes) because of the higher water content. And if you go with instant coffee, hold back just a tad on the sugar since most instant coffee is crystallized and already comes with some sugar to start.

Just like all things coffee though, every ingredient in the Dalgona recipe can be tweaked and customized to taste, so have fun and make it as sweet or strong as you’d like!

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