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A brief rundown of the most commonly used coffee makers, starting with the French Press. Here we’ll be looking at the pros and cons of the French Press, pour overs, the Moka Pot, and the drip brewer. We’ll talk about the ease of use, effect on the body of the coffee, and talk about the gear needed for each one. 

Coffee Makers 101: The French Press

The world of specialty coffee can be a bit daunting if you’re new to the many nuances and vocabulary of craft coffee in the 21st century. Arguably, one of the more difficult parts (but also one of the more enjoyable) is finding the coffee maker that meets your needs.

Your options are wide open, but our Coffee Makers 101 series will cover five common coffee makers that are a great starting point for a richer, fuller cup of our Himalayan specialty coffee from Nepal every day. We’ll cover ease of use, effects on the taste of the body of coffee, and talk about the gear you’ll need for each method.

No one method is better than the other. Each one has its own benefits, but ultimately, it's about finding the right coffee maker for your lifestyle and taste preferences.

The French Press

Brew time: 4 - 6 minutes

Grounds: Medium to coarse

Flavors: Robust, full body flavors, more oils on the beans in the process allow for tasting subtle nuances

Pros: No filters, highly customizable process, portable, affordable, full flavor

Cons: More involved preparation, cools faster, brewing errors more noticeable in taste.

A classic method that is heralded by coffee lovers around the world. One of the simplest makers to use, all you need is the press, a coffee grinder if you start with whole beans, and boiling water. No filters, no pods, nothing else needed! The only drawback can be disposing of grounds once you’re finished.

Starting with medium-course grounds means there are generally more oils on the beans to interact with the water, giving the French Press a reputation for its full taste and high caffeine content.

Making a French Press coffee is relatively straightforward, but as you prepare it more and more, you’ll develop taste preferences and tweak the moving parts accordingly. This can include water temperature, ground size and amount, and the brewing time. 

The French Press also does a great job highlighting the flavors of lighter roast coffees, like our Nepal Kathmandu Roasterie coffee from the Himalayas.

So If this sounds like the method for you, check out the great tutorial we included here and get brewing!