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A wave is rolling through the coffee industry, and slowly home roasters and health gurus alike are clamoring about a new way to reap all of its health benefits. Green coffee - or in layman’s terms, unroasted coffee, is becoming a new sensation for exploring all the possibilities of our favorite bean.

If someone asked how you take your coffee, most likely the answer would naturally be some brewed form - this seems pretty intuitive. Cold brew, espresso, iced coffee, the list goes on. The common theme here is that for most of us, the coffee we drink, regardless of preference, is associated with a roasted bean.

Green coffee, or simply unroasted coffee, has made its way into the industry limelight and there are some pretty cool ways to experiment with it. From home roasting to health drinks, green coffee gets at the scientist in all of us and we’re here to give you the nuts and bolts at the center of coffee’s newest craze.

Okay, raw coffee, so what…?

Green coffee contains something called chlorogenic acid which, according to research, helps induce weight loss.  Recent studies have shown that it helps the body burn glucose and stored fat, and also helps our bodies absorb less carbohydrates.  When coffee gets roasted, it loses most of this acid and isn’t as effective on our metabolism.

Smaller research studies have begun looking into other potential health benefits of green coffee. Some initial results from small trials show green coffee may be effective in lowering both blood sugar and high blood pressure for some people.

This explains why people are going crazy for coffee greens, but they are also more than just a dietary supplement.

And what can I do with it?

That’s the beauty of coffee greens, you’ve got options.

Our natural inclination is to say...roast em! If you’ve never tried home roasting, it can be done in something as simple as a cast iron skillet and will give you some serious perspective on just how hard it is to create the perfect cup of coffee. Check out this great tutorial and give it a shot.

If you’re looking to try coffee greens as a dietary supplement, they can be found at most nutrition stores and can easily be mixed in with your favorite smoothies. If tea is more your thing, coffee greens can be steeped in hot water and enjoyed with any add-ins like honey, sugar, milk, etc.

The only word of caution on trying to grind raw coffee at home - the beans are hard and won’t grind as well as the roasted stuff, so just be cautious if using your normal coffee grinder.

So where can I find raw coffee beans...?

The first place we recommend is right through us at Himalayan Coffee Importers. Our Mt. Everest Supreme coffee greens comes from the base of the Himalayas and is a versatile bean for experimenting with home roasts or green-based drinks.

There are also a handful of other sites that specialize in importing and selling raw coffee in small quantities.

It can be a bit intimidating at first, but if you’re looking to mix up your coffee routine, playing around with green coffee can be a great way to grow your knowledge about the bean and have some fun along the way!