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To use a word from adventure travel, we’re extreme-ly excited to open the shipping lines for single-origin Nepalese coffee in America, brought to you by family-owned Himalayan Coffee Importers and some of the most innovative growers in the storied mountains of South Asia.

Many of us are looking for more meaning in our everyday purchases. Can we find partners in adventure for our search for life’s summits? Can we make connections around the world and know that what fuels our lives here is also providing opportunity and growth in distant communities? The bold tastes of Himalayan Coffee Importers’ new line of handpicked Nepalese coffee beans provide that spark of discovery and joy all day long.

We hope the fact that our coffee beans are now available to you, your family and friends is just the beginning of a dialogue about the wonders of coffee farms flourishing on the shoulders of the highest peaks in the world. Himalayan coffee is ready for its turn in the international spotlight, after years of careful cultivation by local growers and entrepreneurs. We’re honored to be part of Nepal’s breakout into bigger markets and look forward to sharing the varied flavors of a land where we have family connections.

You and your family are busy taking advantage of every exciting opportunity for work and for play. We can take the uncertainty out of at least one of your fuel selections, by going straight to the source of some of the best and most environmentally conscious coffee products in the world. For Himalayan coffee sourcing, we partner with Plantec Coffee Estate as their exclusive U.S. distributor. The Estate supplies Everest Base Camp, five-star hotels, top destinations across Nepal and around the world. If the bright and bold tastes of their shade-grown, wet-processed beans are a star attraction at the Everest, they should be perfect for your hike up a Fourteener or your long morning at a swim meet.

Elsewhere on our web pages, we go into great detail about what makes the Estate location in the mountains an ideal place to grow bold, deep-flavor coffees:

“At higher altitudes, the cooler temperatures significantly slow the growth of the coffee plant.  This allows the plant to dedicate more energy and sugar to its coffee cherries, resulting in sweeter and more flavorful cherries. 

Water in the soil drains faster at higher elevations. Consequently, the coffee cherries are less watered down and have more concentrated flavors. If coffee plants sit for too long in moist, soggy soil, the roots take in extra water and the plant stores it in the coffee cherries. 

Another fact when it comes to higher altitudes is there is less oxygen in the atmosphere.  For coffee plants, this means they grow slowly, yielding richer and more densely-flavored coffee cherries.

We are proud to partner with Plantec, Nepal’s largest and most progressive coffee estate. Plantec and other responsible estates have helped bring Nepal’s craft coffee growing culture into the modern era. Ujjal Rana, Plantec’s owner, is an adventurer at heart and a visionary who places environmental conservation and socioeconomic progress at the center of everything he does. For more than 25 years, he has been producing world-class coffee using sustainable farming practices, employing underprivileged women and providing equal pay to the men and women he employs. Plantec supports local growers and is a prime employer of Nepalese women who have expanded their opportunities to bring their households a reliable source of income.

As one of the pioneers of Nepal’s coffee industry, Ujjal is deeply committed to the success of this industry and serves on various coffee boards. He also supports local coffee farmers by providing them with free training and free coffee seedlings.

We can’t wait to have you try a cup of Johnny Gurkha or Mt. Everest Supreme. Bring your adventures – and your routines – to a new level with the bright tastes of Himalayan coffee.

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