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The Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Yeti, the names can go on but the legend remains the same. All over the world, mountain and outdoor enthusiasts believe in the mystique of the mysterious creature that makes its home in the hills.

But what many do not know however, is where this legend comes from, specifically a long history of folklore in the Himalayas, around Nepal and Tibet. The legend goes back as far as Alexander the Great and up into modern day mountaineering when Reinhold Messner claimed to have encountered one during a Mt. Everest trek in the early 2000s.

Some like to joke about it, others are staunch believers, and even fewer are brave enough to be on the active lookout for the mountain’s most sought after bipedal man creature. Regardless of what camp you’re in though, summer is here and heading out to Bigfoot country might be on your list of vacation destinations.

There are no guarantees what you might find, but across the U.S. we’ve picked out some of the best mountain destinations, parks, and trails to get out there and find one of these legendary beings. If you're feeling super adventurous, you could even cook up and pack along Bobo's Recipe for Bigfoot Bait and pair it with some Himalayan coffee while you're at it. Who knows, maybe these mystical creates love the organic coffee from Nepal as much as we do!

West and Pacific Northwest

Bring your oxygen for a few of these high altitude adventures. With the exception of Carlsbad Cavern and Yellowstone, these mountain getaways are full of high altitude trails and climbs that will not disappoint, even if you don’t spot a Sasquatch.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Yellowstone National Park 

Carlsbad Cavern National Park

Crater Lake National Park

Smith Rock State Park

Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast 

Altitude isn’t everything when it comes to finding a Yeti. These regions are loaded with beautiful and dense forest trails that make you feel part of C.S. Lewis novel. Miles and miles of low-altitude forest hiking only means miles more opportunity to show the world that Bigfoot isn’t just all about the mountains.

Shenandoah National Park

Great Smoky Mountains 

Mammoth Caves

The Shawangunk Mountain Range

The North Country Trail

Congaree National Park


Probably the most varied mix of destinations on our list, but Bigfoot does not discriminate when it comes to choosing a nice and wild place to settle down. From the scenic and forest-laden shores of Pictured Rocks to the backwoods mystique of Hot Springs National Park, the Midwest could just be where you expose one of the 20th century’s greatest myths.

Badlands National Park

Hocking Hills State Park

Voyageurs National Park

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore 

Hot Springs National Park